Summary of Requirements

University Requirements

All new students are required to complete the university's General Education (GenEd) curriculum.

All Temple students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses for a total of at least six credits. The writing-intensive course credits are counted as part of the major; they are not General Education (GenEd) or elective credits. The writing-intensive courses must be completed at Temple University and students may not transfer in credits to satisfy this requirement. The specific writing-intensive courses required for this major are: 

ENGR 2196Technical Communication3
or ENGR 2996 Honors Technical Communication by Design
ENGR 4296Senior Design Project II3
or ENGR 4996 Honors Senior Design Project II

Department Requirements

Required Math, Basic Science and Computer Courses
MATH 1041Calculus I4
or MATH 1941 Honors Calculus I
MATH 1042Calculus II4
or MATH 1942 Honors Calculus II
MATH 2043Calculus III4
or MATH 2943 Honors Calculus III
MATH 3041Differential Equations I3
or MATH 3941 Honors Differential Equations I
PHYS 1061Elementary Classical Physics I4
or PHYS 1961 Honors Elementary Classical Physics I
PHYS 1062Elementary Classical Physics II4
or PHYS 1962 Honors Elementary Classical Physics II
CHEM 1035Chemistry for Engineers3
CHEM 1033General Chemistry Laboratory I1
or CHEM 1953 Honors Chemical Science Laboratory I
CIS 1051Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python4
Select one of the following3
Engineering Analysis & Applications
Linear Algebra
Linear Systems
Required General Education Courses
Select one of the following4
Analytical Reading and Writing
Analytical Reading and Writing: ESL
Honors Literature/Reading/Writing
IH 0851Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life3
or IH 0951 Honors Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life
IH 0852Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good3
or IH 0952 Honors Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good
GenEd 08xx or 09xx (Human Behavior)3
GenEd 08xx or 09xx (Race and Diversity)3
GenEd 08xx or 09xx (Global/World Society)3
GenEd 08xx or 09xx (U.S. Society)3
GenEd 08xx or 09xx (Arts)3
Required Industrial and Systems Engineering Courses
ISE 2101Applied Statistical Methods for Industrial and System Engineers3
ISE 2102Production Process Design and Laboratory4
ISE 2103Deterministic Models in Operations Research3
ISE 3101Product Quality Assurance3
ISE 3102Stochastic Models in Operations Research3
ISE 4101Human Factors (Ergonomics)3
ISE 4102Industrial Simulation3
ISE 4103Engineering Cost Analysis3
ISE 4104Production Planning and Control3
Required Engineering Courses
ENGR 1101Introduction to Engineering & Engineering Technology3
or ENGR 1901 Honors Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 1102Introduction to Engineering Problem Solving3
ENGR 1117Engineering Graphics2
ENGR 2196Technical Communication3
or ENGR 2996 Honors Technical Communication by Design
CEE 3048Probability, Statistics & Stochastic Methods3
ENGR 3001Engineering Economics3
ENGR 4169Engineering Seminar1
ENGR 4172Senior Design Project I for Engineering2
ENGR 4296Senior Design Project II3
or ENGR 4996 Honors Senior Design Project II
Engineering Elective (Select one of the following):3
Environmental Engineering
Transportation Systems Management
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Co-Op Work Experience I
Entrepreneurial Engineering
Required Business Courses
ACCT 2501Survey of Accounting3
MSOM 3101Operations Management3
SCM 3515Principles of Supply Chain Management3
SCM 3516Transportation and Logistics Management3
SCM 3517Inventory and Warehouse Management3
Total Credit Hours128