Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:
Number of Credits Required Beyond the Baccalaureate: 60

Required Courses:

CPSY 5492Theories of Counseling Psychology3
CPSY 5511Counseling in the Schools3
or CPSY 5691 Diagnosis in Counseling Psychology
CPSY 5519Group Counseling3
CPSY 5526Multicultural Counseling3
CPSY 5565Educational Specialists Coordinating Community Resources for Diverse Learners3
or CPSY 5566 Professional Issues in Mental Health Counseling
CPSY 5579Introduction to Couples and Family Counseling3
CPSY 5591Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling Psychology3
CPSY 5593Career Counseling and Development3
CPSY 5694Introduction to Assessment3
CPSY 5698Fundamental Counseling Techniques3
CPSY 5699Crisis Prevention, Intervention, and Consultation 3
CPSY 9085Advanced Counseling Techniques3
CPSY 9185Master's Internship in Counseling Psychology3
CPSY 9285Master's Internship in Counseling Psychology3
CPSY 9387Practicum in Counseling Psychology I & II9
EDUC 5325Introduction to Statistics and Research3
EPSY 5541Concepts in Human Development3
Total Credit Hours60

Internship: Students are required to complete a 780-hour internship, with 280 direct client contact hours completed at a training site approved by the program. Students in the Agency Counseling concentration complete their training in a community mental health setting, while those in the School Counseling concentration complete theirs in a school setting. Students receive individual on-site supervision and faculty supervision as a part of their training experience.

Culminating Events:
Comprehensive Examination:
The comprehensive examination is designed to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to integrate and apply both their didactic and practice-oriented academic experiences.

Clearance Requirements

Students enrolled in courses that require fieldwork or internships must submit updated child abuse, criminal and drug clearances every year. Learn more about submitting clearance requirements.